Journalistic Lament

Traditional journalism is not my bag. I tried it in High School. Newspaper staff. I had no patience for it whatsoever. Cheeky adolescent attempting journalese did not fly with Mr. Hull.

How dare he not declare me wunderkind of the class!

I have since learned that skill in assemblage of words into one format does not equate skill in all. My collegiate coursework has required I revisit my apprehension of journalism. While some progress has been made to adapt to the ‘tone’ and ‘language’ appropriate for this medium, I still cannot report a true love of writing straight news–or even informal online facts with minimal editorial content.

If the need presents, I will definitely revisit and hopefully conquer this skill. For now, this is a news feature from a class website. The first version was cold; “institutional” was the word used by the instructor. I do not disagree.

The second version is the result of extensive revision with some additional text.

Keep in mind, the target audience was the campus community, not the world at large.



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