The other things that make me useful to have around

I started my time at Meredith with a rudimentary skill set in Microsoft Excel. I knew my way around the user side of Outlook and had an intermediate understanding of Word. My largest accomplishment in the technological world was in working with the IT Department at my former employer and the software developer that had created our core operating system. My descriptive nature and need to know how things worked led to a fantastic working relationship with a set of professionals that do not ordinarily work well with front-end users. Ask me about it some day–I love to share war stories.

While collecting credits for my minor, I registered for a class in HTML. It was fascinating. And grossly time consuming. Did I mention I have a life outside of this student gig? I dropped the class but in half of a semester I did gain a great deal of understanding of the back-end of things in bare-basics web design.

I also took courses in Excel and Access and introductory use of Adobe Creative Suite. My Adobe skills are shown in my two art exhibits from a later class. Excel is not exciting, but it is beautifully functional if you know its potential. This worksheet is an interactive calculator for mortgage products.



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